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    Updating Nested Attributes with Collection_Select and Has_Many :Through Associations

    Understanding how to edit/update using forms, field_for with nested attributes while using a collection_select dropdown, a has_many through association with additional fields, strong parameters and dealing with accepts_nested_attributes_for is more than a mouthful. It took me a couple days to truly grasp what was happening here, the various Stackoverflow topics weren’t helping and there was little to no information on my specific ...

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    Access your localhost website from your android or iphone

    Ok, admittedly this is a fairly simple task. But, I still wanted to blog about it for next time I scratch my head and say… “How can I test my responsive designs ON MY PHONE again?” Note, this will only work if your on the same network. Here it is for Mac OSX users (me). First, connect via wifi to the same ...

    On January 28, 2015 / By
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    Update a Devise User in ActiveAdmin without changing their password

    Don’t pull your hair out… This one is nice and easy. Let’s go learn how to update a user in ActiveAdmin without reseting their password. Access your ActiveAdmin resource controller at: app/admin/user.rb You should have this file if you are searching for this solution but if for some reason you don’t or need more information you can learn more about creating resources ...

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  • icalendar_rails
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    How to export multiple events in an iCalendar .ics file

    You have designed an awesome calendar application or have integrated one as a slick new feature. Your boss or clients would LOVE if they could export all their individual events from your web application locally to there Calendar of choice. Whether it be Mac/Iphone Calendar, Google Calendar, or Outlooks Calendar an .ICS file is going to be the laziest method of integration. ...

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  • rails_user_security
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    Quick method to only allow profile access to the current_user

    A simple way to hack together basic authorization for user only profile viewing based on the users username. A simple private method combined with a before_filter to only allow profile page access to the current_user. Obviously a profile page must be created but the logic can apply elsewhere as needed. Again, this is only a quick solution to get something up and ...

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    The Affect Heuristic

    The affect heuristic is often described as the “gut feeling” a person has when making a decision. This intuitive feeling is originated from both positive and negative past experiences. It is our initial affective response to ideas, events, comments, questions, people, and places. We all have experienced our instincts at work. Remember that sleazy salesman? The “bad” boyfriend your daughter brought home? ...

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    Business Heuristics

    Cognitive Heuristics are an interesting and powerful phenomenon in human psychology. They can be used to manipulate buying behaviors, increase conversion rates, improve retention, and create happier, long-term customers. However, if you are unobservant they may also be working against you. So what are cognitive heuristics anyways? When our brain needs to make a decision it uses two cognitive drivers. One is ...

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